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Anne has a true gift for connecting with and inspiring kids and young adults.  She makes each of her students feel heard, valued, and safe, which in turn allows them to develop and grow as writers, critical thinkers, and thoughtful collaborators.  Working with Anne and her writing group throughout the pandemic literally buoyed our daughter through numerous difficult life transitions and changes—it brought her joy and calm week after week, and it continues to be her favorite activity as a middle school student. Anne's warmth and care, as well as her ability to teach writing skills in accessible and age appropriate ways, are deeply impactful and foster a lifelong commitment to crafting stories, self-reflection, and supporting fellow writers.

— Liz D. Orinda, CA

My son is not much of a sport kid and really loves books and writing. We were lucky enough to enroll our son in Mrs. Lowell’s after school writing class for boys.  Anne creates an open and engaging environment that encourages the kids to take risks with their writing.  My shy, book-loving son feels comfortable sharing his work in the safe and supportive space she creates.  He loves the class so much. He waits eagerly for her class each week and jumped to sign up for a second session the moment it became available. 

— Carissa H., Orinda, CA

Noora absolutely LOVED your class! It was wonderful to see her come home after class and continue writing and thinking about her story. She would read it out loud to the family with incredible pride. You really unlocked something special - she continues to pull out her writing notebook and capture new stories and thoughts. Thank you for your incredible commitment to these kids!!

—Angela C., Orinda CA

Being able to express herself in a judgement-free zone has been incredible for our daughter. She loves the sharing aspect, both for herself to share and receive feedback, and to hear the stories from others in the group. She always comes home rejuvenated mentally from the class. I cannot say enough good things about Anne Lowell and her teaching style and mentorship abilities. 

— Kirsten S, Orinda CA

Anne is truly gifted in her ability to hone in on those works that might resonate with each student. With my daughter in particular, she has been such a motivational force, inspiring her to challenge herself in her writing. 

— Jessica M, Orinda CA

This class has been an incredible experience for our daughter. She really looks forward to seeing Anne and her classmates every week. Anne is able to conjure a class that is both challenging and safe for writers to test their raw work under the very positive lens of their peers. This class has advanced our daughter's writing all while fostering her social and emotional growth. I believe Anne's love of literature and her contagious enthusiasm has single handedly propelled my daughter's love of literature. As a result she is a happier teen. I just can't say enough about Anne and this inspiring group of young adults. 

— Jen T, New Rochelle, NY

Georgia's writing has really taken off since she started this course. She is now comfortable sharing her writing with peers and is proud to share her stories. She has benefitted from the girls-only environment and her confidence has soared! 

— Morgan H., Lafayette, CA





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